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Lets get healthy: mind, body and spirit!

Kauai, Photo by Jessica Furino (C) 2012 

#1. Lets start with our body:


Everyone could exercise a bit more. If you are like me, I start off strong but then life catches up and I get distracted. We need to be honest and make an assesment of where we are, where we want to be and how we are going to get there. Once you have a plan, get a journal and write out your specific goal; how long it will take to get there (10 pounds in 6 weeks), how you will accomplish your goal (rapid walking or exercising 3 x a week-cut out all white and processed foods-drink 8 glasses of water a day-get 8 hours of sleep a day- have a friend to exercise with and or be an accountability partner) and what reward you will have when you accomplish it. Record your meals, weight and exercise. LETS GET STARTED....I will be right there with you. E-mail me if you need support and check my web site for additional support, tips and progress with Lets get healthy.

Exercise can be fun. Today I planned to play tennis but down pours changed my plans and my friend and I pulled out a moldy tape of Richard Simmons Sweating to the Oldies. Wow, a good 1 hour work out of dance and better yet, laughter! We laughed a good pound off. Exercise doesn't have to be grueling, it should be fun and invigorating.

My fitness pal app is a great app for tracking meals, exercise and hydration

Exercise is about stretching, getting rid of the stress in your body, taking the time to enjoy God and His blessings. 

Exercising is about relaxing your muscles and mind so that you change your body chemistry and manage and respond to crisis instead of reacting to crisis. Please let me know if  I can teach you this therapeutic method


Did you know that laughing produces hormones that break down fat in our body? So my recommendation is that you watch or listen to 15 minutes of funny videos or audio tapes a day! 

Here is one to get you started, laugh and loose weight and get in shape with Richard Simon's video.

 This is nice dose of both exercise and laughter.

I love Michael Jr and other Christian comedians. 

Michael Jr

Tim Hawkins

Thou shalt laugh

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