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Pr. Jessica Furino

195 Meetinghouse Road

South Chatham, Ma 02659

(908) 917-5593  

Community Bulletin Board: Please email me local service projects, include dates, contact person and contact information.

Our dear Lord has given us many gifts of which He needs us to share with others. Please share your gifts with others. 

Operation Christmas Child and Samaritan's Purse: You and your family can make a Christmas box for a child and drop it off at a local church. A service coordinating site which promotes and supports non-profit organizations.  

Looking for a home church?

Shepherds guide and Star 99.1 and The Gate Radio have search engines for your local zip code.

Please click here for their link for Shepherd's Guide:

Check your local town's and faith organization's websites for service opportunities.

Our local food banks are always in need of supplies.

Volunteer at a children's hospital, nursing home or local VA center.

Volunteer for our Master Gardener's gardens and annual certification program.

Volunteer at a local library.

Meal train

Meal train allows you to organize meals for individuals in your community. Meal train goes one step farther by providing you with the tools to organize overall needed care; rides, child care, groceries, etc.. These are wonderful and easy tools to help us take care of our loved ones.

Please click here is a new organization that allows individuals to donate their services in their community in exchange for reciprocal services. For example, one participant drove other members to medical appointments for 20 hours and was able to exchange their 20 hours by having someone paint their home. What a wonderful way to provide services and network, tax free in your community.

Please click here

Young Life and Wildlife Organization:

Spectacular Christ centered middle school and high school recreational activities and a seperate bible study program. This charity also has a phenomenal program for single moms. The high school and college leaders are dynamic, fun, positive compassionate with these children. What a great place for our children to learn, grow and develop good friends.

Please Click Here:

Online resource for coordinating care for others.

Please email me with your favorite service organizations and contact information.

The purpose of this page is to pull resources from you and me so that we can work together for the betterment of the community. Please participate and share events, outreach and services that will help all of the readers. Just email them to me on the contact information page. Thank you, Jessica

A glimpse of my trip to Israel,

I have a national and tri-state area list of physicains

who are vaccine safe. If you have a physician that you

can recommend, please let me know.

Food Banks are in desperate need of donations:

Gift cards to food stores, non perishable items, juices

(especially gator ade during flu season) are needed. Call

your town for the nearest food bank near you.

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