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Pr. Jessica Furino

195 Meetinghouse Road

South Chatham, Ma 02659

(908) 917-5593

Pastor Jessica Furino is a Licensed Minister and a Licensed Pastoral Counselor,

Certified Christian Life Coach & Writing Coach.

Specializing in Pastoral Counseling and Business and Career Coaching

Child & Elderly Advocacy, Family, Marital and Adolescent Counseling

Clinical Member of the AACC and a Clinical Member of the NCCA

Jessica has a diversified background in business, counseling and non-profit community out reach that easily lends itself to coaching, guiding and assisting others in achieving their personal and professional goals. Presently, she is pursuing her Masters in Clinical Pastoral Counseling and collaborating on a book about her recent travels to Israel.  She is task oriented and believes that all things are possible through Christ.  She is confident that God has blessed her with a variety of experiences, education and discernment to help identify asset, skill sets and strengths in order to promote them in finding and achieving their God given purposes.

As a successful business woman, author and mental health professional she is devoted to working and helping others achieve "koinonia" in all of their relationships and to collaborate with them in accomplishing their goals. Her success as a published author, columnist and essay writer allows her to assist others as a writing coach.

Jessica has a bachelor’s degree in business and psychology, with a concentration in public administration and political science. Jessica is licensed minister and a licensed pastoral counselor. She is completing her graduate degree in Clinical Pastoral Counseling.

Premarital, Marital, Couple and Family Counseling:

Pastor Jessica is advanced certified in premarital, couple, marital and family counseling. Jessica is advanced certified in family crisis counseling. She is certified as a Prepare & Enrich counselor, and Symbis counselor. This program provides customized assessments and individualized work sheets which are amazing tools in strengthening relationships. One of her greatest joys is helping to heal couples and families and prepare and enrich newlywed's foundations for a thriving future. Marrying and renewing her client's vows is an privilege and pleasure. Pastor Jessica works with many congregational pastor to help their parishioners, including pastors and their families. She is advanced certified in family crisis therapy.

Clinical Pastoral Counseling:

Jessica is a licensed minister and licensed pastoral counselor. She continues to work with local churches and faith based organizations in pastoral counseling and pastoral enrichment programs as well as individual counseling. Jessica has been in blessed to provide counseling and coaching as well as program recommendations to many pastors and their families. She feels privileged to have the opportunity to assist this wonderful group of individuals with the special needs and requirements that the clergy, their staff and their families have.   

Professional Counseling and Coaching:

She has provided professional coaching to individuals in the clergy, media, healthcare and health care fields. Her 4 years of experience in executive training and development and professional coaching along with her 15 years experience in marketing and engineering have trained her to provide assessments, planning and the ability to walk with her clients in their pursuit of various professional goals. Whether it is utilizing her background in writing, public speaking, research, health advocacy, crisis intervention, marketing, or public relations she is able to assist, assess and empower you.

Her 15 years of experience in business and 10 years in administrative positions in the health fields and working with non-profit organizations. She worked in marketing and engineering in the telecommunications field (for 15 years) and then returned to school for counseling and nursing.

Counseling and life coaching:

Jessica worked for over ten years in crisis intervention counseling, with four of those years spent working as a counselor in a psychiatric hospital. Jessica trained counselors and conducted group and individual therapies in: relaxation, addiction, depression, child and adolescent, conflict resolution, art, music, physical, spiritual, family, sibling, communication enhancement, horticultural, team-work therapies.  She is the founder of Koinonia Pastoral Counseling Center and has been in practice since 2011.  She is dedicated to helping each individual have a full and abundant life.


She has a passion for working and empowering individuals, families, women and children and those who need a voice. She is able to provide individual and family counseling and help families who have children with learning disabilities, advocating for families who are involved with IEP and 504 assessments and IEP plans and assisting families with professional referrals. As a strong advocate she believes in proactive therapy that utilizes all available resources, health, community and academic, to engage the client in working with their challenges, strengthening their assets and accomplishing their goals.

Outreach and Community Service:  

Jessica has worked extensively with various non-profit groups in public relations and administrative positions. She has helped to provide and vet pastoral counseling specialties and services to church organizations.  She has volunteered as a community liaison for her school system and church as well as taught Women’s Bible studies and lead and participated in various ministries.   She is devoted to women and family ministries.

Published Writer and Columnist:

She loves to write and in the last few years she has written over 30 essays and columns on a variety of subjects ranging from politics, medicine, healthcare, faith to family essays.

She is committed to Autism and vaccine safety awareness and has done extensive research and writing in this medical arena.

As a published writer, she enjoys coaching new writers and helping them through the process of writing, finding a publisher and promotion of their books.

One of her essays, reflecting her experiences in Israel , was published in "The Goose River Anthology 2012."

Here is a video of her trip to Israel that corresponds with the essay:

 She co-authored two books in 2010, Tales from the Boulevard and Goose River Anthologies 2010 which are made up of inspirational short stories. Both books were published by Goose River Press and are available at and local libraries. 

Personal Life:

Jessica is a wife and mother who is devoted to her faith, her family and her friends. She is active in her church and the church community. She has been blessed to have experienced multiple teaching, fund-raising and outreach positions that enrich her spiritual growth and life.

As a cancer survivor, she has a heart for counseling those in health crisis and strives to meet individuals on many levels while empowering them to prosper in all areas of life.

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