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Pr. Jessica Furino

195 Meetinghouse Road

South Chatham, Ma 02659

(908) 917-5593 

Autism Resources and Vaccine Safety:

We our dedicated to empower and help you meet all of lifes challenges. It is our desire that our resource section will provide you with tools to accomplish this objective.

Autism and Asperger's Resources are available in your local library in a special section dedicated to helping you and your family.

9-12-12 Autism Resource Document By Jessica Furino

5 pages of local, written, and electronic resources to assist individuals and families who have Autism.

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7-11-12 Dr. Jerry Kartzinel;

              16263 Laguna Canyon Road~Suite 150

               Irving, Ca


Dr. Jerry Kartzinel is an amazing biomedic who works with children who have Autism. He has a gentle and knowledgeable bed side manner that is truly amazing in his empathy and understanding for all of the childs needs; social, neurological, psychiatric, medical, nutritional, physical etc...I am so impressed after completing hours of research. Truly dedicated and knowledgeable about the child in fullness. He provides remedies and is accessable by email He has a webinar that he provides on his website that is easy to understand and refreshingly applicable. Please pass this information on if you feel it may be helpful.

Autism NJ-Resources for Adults and Children who have Autism:

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Vaccine Safety Videos:


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Autism Resources ( 2 page document with multiple resources)

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Search tool for Congressional Bills: Autism:


Dr. Jerry Karzinel: Biomedic pecializing with with children who have Autism

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Deidre Imus' Website

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Regarding Caroline Website

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Focus Autism (educational site for Autism and vaccine safety )

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Vaccine friendly and safe physicians in the U.S (

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Dr. Sears list of vaccine friendly doctors in the US:

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Vaccine friendly & safe doctors in the tri-state area:

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The Greater Good Movie Trailer:

This is a powerful documentary on vaccines. It is not saying that all vaccines are harmful, it is saying that some children have greater or lesser tolerance than others and that certain circumstances (immune compromised systems, fever, mercury intolerance) will greatly influence your child's reaction to the vaccines. This documentary has doctors and scientist who are dedicated to serving others and are desperately trying to warn the public to be prudent and knowelegeable about the effects of these medicines (both positive and negative.) Please watch this trailer and the movie.

Please look at our links page for an additional two page document of Autsim resources. We will be featuring new and additonal resources for this area. Please contact us if you would like us to email you all of our resources.

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