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Pr. Jessica Furino

195 Meetinghouse Road

South Chatham, Ma 02659

(908) 917-5593     

Faith, Love & Peace

Koinonia is the Greek word for sacred relationships which are uplifting, encouraging, supportive, loving, respectful and forgiving. It means true communion in one's fellowship with another. 

Makarios is the Greek word for blessed, blissful, fulfilled child of God who is pronounced blessed when God is present in their life. It is my belief that all of us need, prosper and grow in Makarios and Koinonia, in both our personal and professional lives. My objective is to provide you with the tools for both.

My desire is to provide comfort, discernment, guidance, healing and insight so that my clients can live a full life that is embraced in love and loving relationships. It is my goal that my clients will understand their gifts and how they can use these gifts in service. Most importantly, that they will have a fulfilling personal relationship with our Heavenly Father.

KPC provides professional and life coaching as well as counseling to individuals and families who are dedicated to improving and maximizing their relationships and their lives. By performing a full assessment of your strengths and challenges we guide you in a proactive process that addresses those areas in your life that you wish to change and improve. This process is a journey that will hopefully lead you to satisfaction, balance, peace, direction and awareness in your everyday life and profession.

"God knows the plans He has for you and they are good. If you seek Him in prayer, He will answer you and answer your prayers." Jeremiah 29:11-14

No matter what your circumstance are we can help you. If you have a child who needs direction for college, a child who needs advocacy for special needs assistance, a marital crisis, a spiritual growth challenge, a health crisis that requires support, a family or association dynamic that requires assistance, a career change or enhancement, or a relationship enhancement, we can help. Whatever your need, we will either be able to walk with you through this enrichment process or we will refer you to a network of individuals who can work with us to help you meet your objectives and address those challenges that you are currently facing.

Faith and a personal relationship with  our dear Lord provides the healing, resources and tools that are needed to accomplishing our goals. I can help you with that walk.  I will be posting resources and links for you on the resource and community link page. Please share any valuable resources you have so we can share them with our community of readers.

Please check our resources as they are updated frequently for your benefit. This month we will be posting resources on weight management as well as other community resources. Many of our resources are contributed by our community and I am hopeful that you will email your recommendations, too.

Please contact me for a consultation, so that we may address your needs and help you navigate through any of life's many crossroads.

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