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Great advice from the best Christian Therapists!!!

This is the beginning of my series with quotes from the most insightful and discerning therapists that I know. 

Dr. Henry Cloud is well known for his work and development with the Boundaries Therapy.

Here is one of the things he says about relationships and boundaries in his newsletter.  

On hurt and wounds:

"We have natural responses to being hurt that are part of our imperfections. We do not always respond well to stresses in our lives. These responses come easily to us, but they are not helpful to our personal growth. Next time someone hurts you, try using these tools:

Acknowledge the Wound. Don't Deny it.

Stay Connected. Don't Isolate.

Love and Forgive. Don't Retaliate.

Practice Self Control. Don't be Controlled.

Good relationships do involve confronting, forgiving, and reconciling.

Let's talk about more about healthy alternatives to addressing pain.

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