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Simple Solutions to helping you and your children sleep!

Can't get your kids to sleep? Can't get to sleep yourself? I may be able to help you 


Helpful hints for s

weet dreams for our children.

by Pr. Jessica Furino   Koinonia Pastoral Counseling 

Provide the same routine, nightly for your children.

Turn off all devices an hour before bed.

Talk with them and help them put their worries away before bed.

Help them pray and give thanksgiving before bed.

Provide soft instrumental music and or white noise.

Make sure they walk and exercise daily.

Provide them with a healthy nutritious and diet.  We love Ovalteen, at night, it will help them sleep well.

Make time for family game and movie time.

Make sure you share a family meal and share the best parts of your day as well as those that are challenges.  Let everyone help support each other and find good solutions.  Don't forget to celebrate the victories and blessings from everyone's day.

Let them cuddle up with their favorite pet. 

Diffuse or apply topically Young Living essential oils ( this is the only essential oils I will recommend as they are FDA approved and are medical and therapeutic grade, lavender is wonderful to help promote relaxation and sleep.

Provide the same routine, nightly for your children.

Start with quiet, relaxing activities 1.5 hours before bed. Begin an hour before bedtime with a fun, relaxing bath (lavender and chamomile oil with help to relax your child.) Turn off all games and electronics 1.5 hours before bed. Let your child play board games, draw, color, build Legos, or other quiet activities. Remove phones until morning. Read to your child or if they are older, have them read each night for 15 minutes or more. Having your child read to your family pet is comforting and relaxing.  Have your child do relaxation techniques at bedtime.

Help them to pray and give thanksgiving before bed.

Teach your children to appreciate and verbalize all their personal gifts (help them to understand how loved, unique and special they are.) Teach them to appreciate and be thankful for their family, friends and school. Help them to lift their concerns to our Father in heaven and develop a personal relationship with Him. Help them to know that He will answer their prayers, keep them safe through the night and help them to be the wonderful child He has created. As they lift their concerns in prayer, you will hear what is on their hearts.

Relaxing instrumental music and white noise:

Play soothing classical music or instrumental music (you can follow me on Spotify and play my playlists.) Some children and adults benefit from “white noise.” A small fan can provide this and helps with sleep.

Exercise daily.

Stretch andexercise for at least an hour each day. Walking, swimming, running, playing at the gym or after school.

Family games; twister, running, playing ball, dancing, biking, going to the playground, hiking and so much more.

Healthy nutrition and diet:

Try to have nightly family dinners. This is a time of sharing for everyone. Start the dinner by asking each member to share 3 good things that happened and 2 not so good.

Have your doctor check your child for allergies; especially food and lactose. 

Make sure your child has a healthy snack after school, drink lots of water, and eats their dinner 2-3 hours before bed.

Make sure your children have  healthy, nutritious meals throughout the day. A small snack 2 hours before bed is helpful (protein and vegetable ie..peanut butter and apple.)

Reduce or eliminate processed foods. Stock up on fresh vegetable, fruit and meats.

Reduce or eliminate sugar. Make sure your child does not have any sugar after 6:00 pm, as it can interrupt their sleep.

Find out if anything is worrying your child:

Go for a walk, spend one on one time talking and listening to your child. Find that quiet time to talk with your child and see if anything is worrying them. Many of us will have nightmares and bad dreams if we have unresolved worries.

Family movie time:

Find encouraging, uplifting, funny movies for everyone to snuggle and watch together.  Youtube kittens, puppies and other funny videos to enjoy together.


Puppies and kittens provide comfort, comical relief and a chance for little ones to be responsible and caring for those other than themselves. They also help little ones sleep with a cherished friend.

Diffuse or apply topically Young Living essential oils:

1 drop of lavender on your child’s right toe may help them sleep. You can diffuse 4 drops in their diffuser and keep it running as they sleep.  Young Living has a cute owl diffuser, light and music device. 

As a counselor, I frequently work with adults and children who have sleep problems, stress, anxiety and other challenges. Young Living is a Christian company who manufactures and produces nontoxic, pure, products. The therapeutic oils they distill prove to be very effective. Because of this, my family, friends and many of my clients use their products.

Please feel free to look at their catalog of oils, natural,non toxic baby, pet, household, personal, supplements and home products from my link. You can purchase, retail directly from the link or if you are interested in purchasing wholesale (24% off products) you can purchase $100.00 of pv product and you will be provided with a wholesale discount for 1 year.

My member number (for enroller and sponsor) is 3316083. Young Living’s customer service number is 800.373.3515. 

If you have, consistently, implemented the above recommendations and your child is still having difficulty sleeping please see your pediatrician.

I would be happy to work with you, your child and family.

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