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Welcome to my first blog.......

Welcome to my site. I am guessing that you didn't go on KPC to read a bunch of fluff on coaching and counseling. I believe that you are looking for answers and more importantly, help. Do I have all the answers, no? Will I help you to find them? Yes. I bet your wondering how. Through a process of talking with you, assessing what is happening in your life and in the life of those who are important to you, looking at your goals, and determining together, how we can reach them. I can't accomplish this on my own. Believe me, I have tried in my own life and it doesn't work. I believe in the power of prayer and I also believe (because I have seen the results many, many times) that our dear Lord loves you and He will provide the answers, intervention and the help you are looking for. With our hard work and prayers you will see that He can and will provide miracles in your life. Are you ready for a miracle? If so, then please give me a call. (908) 917-5593

Photo By Audrey Fitzgerald

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